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Coincidentally, it is the month of May but that’s not the reason I plucked the Design and Architecture of the following.


The Italian, Ettore Sottsass formed the Memphis design and architecture group. This collective led the exploration into furniture, ceramics, fabrics, glass and metal objects from 1981-1987

Challenging our perception of form, proportion, juxtaposition of colour and materials. The objects successfully reflect the pop sensibilities of the decade.






American architect Thom Mayne co founded Morphosis in 1972. He is the principle designer and received the Pritzker Prize Laureate in 2005.


New Cooper Union Building, NYC



Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas


Caltrans District 7 Headquarters, LA

Sadly in London we are yet to see the likes of dynamic modern architecture such as this. The V&A lost the chance to really change the landscape of modern architecture in the city when the extension designed by Daniel Libeskind never had a chance to get off the page. Will London ever see a monumental Morphosis, Libeskind or Zaha Hadid? It’s a shame for it is everywhere else in the world - Spain, Italy, Germany, UAE, Asia…everywhere except the UK.

The annual Serpentine Pavilion champions progressive architects for a few short months. I want more…much much more! London is a great city but looking at world modern architecture from such distances of the internet, the city is much poorer for not fully embracing what modern dynamic architecture is capable of! Poor old Blighty.

Robert Adams

I only recently discovered the work of American photographer Robert Adams -

Thomas Heatherwick World

Designer/artist/architect - Thomas Heatherwick - his work is never the same twice.

Longchamp store/NYC

Bleigiessen - The Wellcome Trust/London

The B of the bang/Manchester - sadly no longer there

Rolling bridge - Paddington Basin/London

Extruded metal seat/sculptures - Haunch of Venison 2009

East Beach Cafe - Littlehampton/West Sussex


Photo - Pleatfarm.com

British Pavilion/Shanghai Expo 2010

I think it will be fun to live in Thomas Heatherwick’s world!

I wait to see what he has up his sleeves next - it will be great whatever…

Check his website for more -


Donald Judd + Marfa/Texas

Now Marfa can be known for another thing besides being the backdrop for the film Giant - You can now put it down as an art destination…

American conceptual modernist Donald Judd has archives in New York and Marfa [The Chinati Foundation] - just imagine stumbling across his work in the middle of dusty Texas…

"It isn’t necessary for a work to have a lot of things to look at, to compare, to analyze one by one, to contemplate. The thing as a whole, its quality whole, is what is interesting. The main things are alone and are more intense, clear and powerful." -Donald Judd in his essay Specific Objects

For more on Donald Judd please follow -


Jean Nouvel comes to London [finally]

All of a sudden a giant Jean Nouvel bubble has burst over London!

First - the Serpentine annual pavilion

In all its red glory

The Serpentine Pavilion is a brilliant once a year project for amazing architects unknown in the UK - the competition is open for architects who have not built in the UK at the point of selection. It’s a great platform to show their work to a wider audience. Last year’s pavilion by SANAA and Frank Gehry’s pavilion before it were a great success.

Second - One New Change

The first ever shopping “mall” for The City

Due to open in October 2010 on the East side of St Pauls - complete with a rooftop restaurant terrace. It’s one in the eye for Prince Charles’ rather pedestrian Paternoster Square!

The French architect has never built in the UK - to have these in the capital is very lucky and very exciting!

To those who have been to Barcelona - you may have seen Nouvel’s Torre Agbar and in Paris - the Arab World Institute

Here’s an interview with the great architect -


His favourite colour is red!

See more


The work of Eric Owen Moss

Going to LA to see some of its progressive architecture would be first on the list.

LA based Architect Eric Owen Moss -

Beehive - Culver City

An office building and conference centre


Glass Tower - Los Angeles/California



Samitaur Tower - Culver City


Conjunctive Points Theatre Complex - Culver City

A mixed-use development for art and technology

For more on Eric Owen Moss please follow - 



Continuing my complete love for modern architecture - I found some great shots of the new contemporary modern art museum - MAXXI in Roma.

Is this Zaha Hadid’s masterpiece we have all been waiting for…???

Something tells me Hadid’s aquatics centre for London 2012 will not be challenging this for the top spot!

Painting/Study for the MAXXI


Another reason [apart from the ice cream] to make a second trip to the eternal city

Industrial Architecture/Gabriele Basilico

I always liked the AEG building in Berlin after seeing it in a Gabriele Basilico book…

Gabriele Basilico