Alan Fletcher

I picked up a piece of Alan Fletcher at a carboot one day! - It was the covered dish that formed part of the three piece set - commissioned for Time Life.

The set consisted of a mug, plate and square covered dish.

Here is more Alan Fletcher…some more familiar!

If you want more - go get Beware Wet Paint and The Art of Looking Sideways

A lot of Hella

A one time member of DROOG - Hella Jongerius - her design and particularly ceramic pieces are truly the work of a master and genius - I do not use that word lightly! When you see something that is both chaotic and sublime - that’s when you know you have pure greatness!

I first saw her early vases and ceramic/sewn pottery pieces in Moss/SoHo/NYC and then at the Design Museum/London

It was totally fresh and inspiring to see them back then and they still are so with time they have become classic pieces.

Hella’s work is brilliant, highly skilled and I think borders on Art.

Her Nymphenburg Sketches are my favourite…so far!

Early ceramic and glass vases

Two pieces from the wonderful Nymphenburg Sketches

The Worker armchair by Vitra