Robert Adams

I only recently discovered the work of American photographer Robert Adams -

Dorothea Lange - Walker Evans

Is Dorothea Lange greater than Walker Evans?

I love the work of Walker Evans

Robert Adams has said that he prefers the work of Dorothea Lange over Walker Evans - what do you think?

Dorothea Lange -

Walker Evans -

Richard Misrach/On The Beach

Taken from a single vantage point from a hotel balcony - Studies of life on the beach and in the sea…

Mitchell Feinberg

Mitchell Feinberg is a brilliant luxury still life/conceptual photographer.

This is from a series on luxury designer bags

Simple, clever and effective - remember who did them first!

Stephen Gill

The cover to Alpha’s second album “The Impossible Thrill” featuring a beautiful cat against a mottled blue-grey-green background was shot by Stephen Gill.

Here is his more recent work -

From the Hackney Flowers series