Jean Nouvel comes to London [finally]

All of a sudden a giant Jean Nouvel bubble has burst over London!

First - the Serpentine annual pavilion

In all its red glory

The Serpentine Pavilion is a brilliant once a year project for amazing architects unknown in the UK - the competition is open for architects who have not built in the UK at the point of selection. It’s a great platform to show their work to a wider audience. Last year’s pavilion by SANAA and Frank Gehry’s pavilion before it were a great success.

Second - One New Change

The first ever shopping “mall” for The City

Due to open in October 2010 on the East side of St Pauls - complete with a rooftop restaurant terrace. It’s one in the eye for Prince Charles’ rather pedestrian Paternoster Square!

The French architect has never built in the UK - to have these in the capital is very lucky and very exciting!

To those who have been to Barcelona - you may have seen Nouvel’s Torre Agbar and in Paris - the Arab World Institute

Here’s an interview with the great architect -

His favourite colour is red!

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